7 Components Needed to Make a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing in NJ requires a multifaceted approach. This means tailoring an email marketing campaign to showcase your business’s products and services while engaging your readers. It also means creating personalized content that addresses various concerns, from recurring services to digital downloads, sales, and promotions.

Seeing as email marketing revenue is valued at over 10 billion dollars, it’s more important than ever to work with the best NJ email marketing agency. These companies understand what your readers look for and know how to create engaging emails that increase your revenue.

It’s also worth noting that 2023 saw an estimated 347.3 billion emails — daily. This means you need an email marketing agency in NJ that knows how to create a custom email marketing campaign that’s guaranteed to wow your readers, starting with the following practices.

1. Have a Strong Call to Action

Although a call to action is essential for any email marketing series, it needs to be a clear and concise call to action. This means removing any guesswork from what action you want your target audience to take. You may want readers to schedule maintenance, purchase an item, or take advantage of a discount or available course. There should be no question about your call to action, and your readers should feel a sense of urgency in carrying out this action.

Your call to action should provide clear, easy-to-follow directions for your readers. If you’re looking for them to download a specific resource from your website, have a link ready and available. The same goes for scheduling services or purchasing a specific item.

When your call to action is clear and concise, your email marketing campaign stands to significantly impact your revenue. As such, your readers are more likely to open or click on your emails, increasing your conversion rate.

If you’re unsure about what to say in a call to action, consider any of the following:

  • Shop our sale now
  • Order our product now
  • Shop for our product now
  • Activate and apply your discount code
  • Check out our sales now
  • Register today
  • Book your ticket
  • Save your spot
  • Download our product now

Remember to use action verbs that work to drive readers towards taking a specific action.

2. Personalize Your Emails

Although the word “personalization” sounds like you’d want to address your email subscriber by name, this isn’t always the case. Although you could use a name, you can also personalize your emails by including birthdays or shopping interests. The goal is to make your readers feel like they’re unable to resist your offer.

Consider the following: it’s reported that 91% of consumers prefer to utilize businesses that have personalized offers. Additionally, 72% of consumers are only interested in personalized messages.

When you personalize your emails, you’re increasing your open rates while driving user engagement. Even better, you’re also increasing your business’s revenue.

When personalizing emails, it’s important to segment your lists. You could group your lists by their role in an organization, location, gender, and so forth. When you take steps to personalize your emails, subscribers will feel like you know (or want to know) them, and vice versa.

You can also personalize emails by using cookies. This allows you to understand your target audience’s browsing history, personalizing their emails to reflect this information. Check to see what they’ve purchased, and use this information to stop cart abandonment when necessary.

If you’re looking to add another personalized touch to your email campaign, consider sending emails from a person and not from a business. Use a specific name in your email signature instead of your company’s name.

You should also pay attention to anniversaries, sending out reminder emails with various offers.

3. Utilize Catchy Subject Lines

When you utilize catchy and intriguing subject lines, you’re working to encourage readers to open your emails while generating interest and exciting them. Luckily, catchy subject lines aren’t one-size-fits-all, and there are numerous ways you can go about creating them. These subject lines could be confidently written, conversational in nature, or even controversial.

Whichever type of subject line you use, be sure that it grabs your reader’s interest and encourages them to open your email.

You could also write subject lines that include a sense of urgency. This might speak to a sale you have going on or a special offer or discount. Consider including the start and end date for a sale or promotion you’re holding, encouraging your target audience to open their emails immediately.

Another way of garnering interest is by creating a sense of curiosity in your subject lines. Entice your readers so they want to know what your email says. You don’t want to be so vague that they think your email is spam, but you could say something that lets them know how your email will benefit them.

If you’re looking to inform readers with your subject line, an email marketing service in NJ will let them know what your offer is right off the bat. This eliminates any guesswork so they know exactly what your information email contains.

4. Don’t Email Too Frequently

The best email marketing agency in NJ understands the importance of finding the sweet spot with email frequency. If you send too many emails, you risk unsubscribers.

If you’re unsure of how often to send emails, aim for two to three emails a week — maximum. Anything more and your readers might lose interest. The goal is to keep them engaged without bombarding them with information.

Some companies email less frequently, starting with bi-monthly emails and building up to weekly correspondence. The exception is if you have exceptional content to share or have frequent offers to tell your subscribers about. If you have recurring content or offers to share, you may find yourself emailing readers upwards of three times a week, but try not to go over this number.

5. Include Exceptional Copywriting

Although it can be tempting to construct your email marketing campaign yourself, the best email marketing services in NJ understand what goes into exceptional content writing. This includes the use of targeted keywords, tone of voice, word choice, and writing techniques that capture — and hold — your reader’s attention. Professionally written copywriting can lead to high click-through rates and, in turn, higher conversion rates.

Professional copywriters also know how to be persuasive and engaging. They use specific language that can convince your readers to take a certain action while utilizing effective sales language. Even better, an NJ email marketing services company uses copywriters who are well-written, ensuring your content is free from grammatical errors and embarrassing typos that can make your business look unprofessional.

When working with an NJ email marketing agency, they’ll defer to a professional copywriter for help with your email marketing campaign. This guarantees that your valuable time and energy aren’t wasted. You’ll have SEO-optimized content that’s professionally written, complete with valuable information for your readers.

6. Always Write for Your Audience

This goes hand-in-hand with exceptional copywriting. An email marketing services agency in NJ understands your readers and ensures all content is tailored to their specific wants and needs.

This means you should avoid generic emails, as your readers expect interaction designed specifically for them. When you send personalized emails that remember birthdays, anniversaries, and more, you should also take into consideration your reader’s interests, preferences, and needs. Is there something unique about a specific reader that you can focus on?

Additionally, learn more about how and when your readers want to receive emails, focusing on what each subscriber has to gain from your business.

With the help of a top email marketing agency in NJ, you’ll learn the answers to all these questions and more. Just be patient, as it takes time — and possibly several email campaigns — to gather and apply all this data. You will, however, have a bespoke email campaign in time, meeting the needs of all your readers.

7. Have Clear Unsubscribe Buttons

Although you want readers to remain loyal subscribers to your emails, you should always provide them with a way to unsubscribe or opt out of your emails. When you fail to provide clear ways for readers to remove themselves from emails, it can foster a feeling of distrust.

You might be wondering why you need an unsubscribe button, and if you can just avoid one altogether. The CAN-SPAM Act requires email-using businesses in the US to include instructions for subscribers to opt out of emails at any time. So, yes — you have to include an unsubscribe button.

However, the best email marketing services in NJ take measures to prevent readers from unsubscribing. For example, have a clear unsubscribe button that’s easy to understand. Put it somewhere your readers will easily find. When you do this, your readers learn to trust your intentions.

Next, offer your readers the option to change their email preferences, hopefully deterring them from unsubscribing altogether. This might mean receiving fewer emails or only receiving emails relevant to a certain topic.

It’s also important to refrain from using negative language when users opt out of your emails. This can come across as unprofessional, and can actually deter prospective customers from working with you at a later date and time.

If your subscribers wish to unsubscribe, don’t require that they use a login. They should be able to quickly opt out of your emails, without having to jump through hoops.

Additionally, always include links to your company’s social media pages in your emails. This way, if a reader unsubscribes, they can still read about and interact with your business in other ways.

Work With the Best Email Marketing Agency in NJ

An NJ email marketing services company understands the importance of a dynamite email marketing campaign. This includes personalized content, professionally crafted emails, and a strong call to action that encourages the reader to take a specific action.

The best way to implement an email marketing campaign is with a professional marketing agency. That’s where Let’s B Media comes into play.

We’re your one-stop shop for all your creative needs. This includes digital marketing, websites, email marketing campaigns, and more. Contact us today for a custom marketing plan.

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