Benefits of Blogging for Businesses

Contrary to what some people may still believe, blogs are no longer just for sharing recipes and fashion advice. Quite the contrary, blogs are a valuable business tool companies worldwide use to share news, resources, and insightful information with a global audience. More than 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on a company’s website.

 In this post, we will go over why your business should have a blog.

Blogs Generate Leads

B2B companies that blog twice a month generate 70% more leads than those who don’t. Need we say more? Imagine if you doubled that and posted one blog per week. Imagine the leads your business could capture. New leads are a critical component of any growing business. Without prospects, your business simply won’t grow or survive. 

Blogs Position Your Company as an Expert

Blogs are your chance to show off your smarts. Share your wisdom, guidance, tips, and tricks, and position yourself as an industry leader. Older, more established companies are viewed as credible and industry leaders. A blog can help pave the path for new companies to emerge as industry leaders. Curate some topics that aren’t too specific at first so that you don’t limit your audience right off the bat. Broader blog posts will attract a larger audience and leads while also positioning your company as a go-to source for knowledge.

Boost Your SEO

Search /Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for businesses to attract new leads these days, and your company blog can help. An informative and updated blog is a gateway to assisting new customers in becoming acquainted with your company and the services/ products you offer. Since Google makes up more than 40% of internet traffic— it’s a critical demo that you can’t afford to miss. Make sure your blog is up-to-date with relevant information and pertinent keywords, and watch your search engine traffic increase. 

Acquire Inbound Links

Other websites linking to your web page are known as inbound links— and they are another great way to improve your SEO while also extending your reach. Without a blog, it’s nearly impossible to earn these valuable links. Companies who blog get 97% more inbound links than those who don’t. So, if you are serious about boosting your orange reach and traffic, you have to start blogging. Provide people with high-quality content to link to, and you will see your inbound links start building-up

Create an Endless Well of Sharable Content for Various Platforms

One surefire thing about good content is that people will share it. The more valuable your content, the more likely people will share it with their social networks— putting more eyes than ever before on your content and your website/products/services. Blog posts are a great way to fill your content calendar with fresh content consistently. Blogs allow you to link to posts that drive your audience straight to your website, but you can also add engaging elements to your blog posts like quotes, pictures, and even videos. Here are some simple steps to start generating high-quality content that is likely to be shared:

  • Pack your posts full of long-form content with engaging multimedia elements and unique insights
  • Share your blog posts on social media
  • Send relevant posts to leads to further position your company as the industry expert

Blogging Fuels Your Social Media Presence

We just talked about the importance of sharing your content wherever you can— social media is a crucial part. Blogs give you something valuable to post and share with your followers, which boosts your social media presence and allows you to stand out from the crowd who may just be posting pictures of their pets. Without original content, you won’t have much to share and no way to attract traffic to your website.

Blogging Acquires Customers

When your business consistently produces blog content, you help lead your prospects through the sales funnel and convert them to customers. A great way to do so is by researching popular search terms and questions about your products and services. Then, write about them. Help educate internet users not only about your services but about the industry as a whole. You will see it pays off tremendously— a Hubspot report found that 92% of companies with blogs have acquired customers directly from them.

As you can tell by now, you simply can’t afford to ignore your company blog. It is a lead-generating machine.

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