Email Marketing: 5 Great Ideas For Your First Automated Email Series

Consider the following: email revenue is currently valued at 10 billion U.S. dollars. Businesses rely on email for efficiency, while email marketing helps them grow their client base and retain existing customers.

Email marketing has countless benefits, from personalized content to surveys that collect crucial feedback. Additionally, you can use email marketing to improve your company’s sales while communicating effectively with your target audience.

However, new business owners (or businesses new to email marketing) might not know how to start their first automated email series.

If you’re looking to draw traffic to your website, email marketing can help you do so. You can even use it to increase leads and reach prospective and existing clients right when you want to. But how do you begin your email marketing campaign? Here’s what you need to know.

1. Create Trust

Your email marketing series should build trust while teaching your intended audience something new. You want to establish yourself as an authority figure, demonstrating your expertise in a specific area.

Each email must provide some type of value to your readers. Your content should address a specific problem and offer a solution. Always have your emails tailored to meet your audience’s interests.

You should also personalize your emails so they look and sound meaningful. New and existing clients should know you value them and that you have taken the time to put personalized touches into place.

2. Humanize Your Business

The best email marketing services in NJ understand that your clients want to see a humanized version of your business. The best way you can do this is by introducing your employees and staff.

Expose your target audience to personal information about your business. Since each employee has something they specialize in, explain it to your clients as part of your email marketing campaign. Be sure to highlight traits that are beneficial to your clients but also relatable.

You could interview employees, highlighting one staff member in each email. You could also utilize your video marketing skills and create a video series that introduces clients to each department of your organization. Since a whopping 86% of businesses rely on video marketing, it’s wise to add it to your email marketing series. Your competition is most likely relying on video marketing, which means you should, too, if you want to stay competitive.

You could always have staff members add to your email marketing campaign. If there’s a certain topic that you’re covering one week, ask one of your expert employees to contribute content for that particular topic, crediting them in the email so clients learn about them — and from them.

3. Promote an Event

Email marketing series are an excellent way of promoting a business event. It’s no secret that a successful event takes a significant amount of time and planning. However, an email marketing series can help promote these events while building customer engagement.

Once customers register for an event, you may want to send an automatic thank you email so they know you appreciate their participation and support. You should also send an email letting them know what speakers or presenters you’ll have at your event. If your event has a series of activities taking place, use your email to inform clients of what they can expect, and when.

Another example might be if your business holds a silent auction. You could include a list of auction items, working to gain interest ahead of the event. You could also offer a glimpse into the venue and food options if you’re hosting a catered event. Additionally, consider sending your customers a countdown to generate excitement in the days leading up to your event.

4. Interact With Customers

It’s important to know what customers think about your products and services. This works to make them feel valued and heard.

You can use your email marketing campaign to send surveys and gather important feedback. You’re positively engaging with your customers while learning what they like and dislike.

Here are some examples of surveys based on businesses in various fields:

  • Bakeries could ask clients what their favorite cake flavor is
  • Hair salons can ask clients what hair service they prefer
  • Social media contests where customers participate in contests: for example, what’s the best plant to add to the office, and what should you name it?

Look for ways to engage customers, taking an interest in how they perceive your business.

5. Share Your Success

Clients look for ways that your business can help them fix an issue, which means your emails should show them how you can provide solutions to their problems. This helps them to envision all the ways that your products or services are beneficial to them. They’ll also learn what it’s like to work with you and your company.

One excellent way of showcasing your success is by discussing the diversity of your clients. This lets prospective clients know that you can deliver an excellent experience to a myriad of industries.

You should also showcase a new problem in each email, supporting it with evidence as to how you rectified the solution for a previous client. Let your audience know how you helped that specific client, discussing all the creative, effective solutions you came up with.

The Best Email Marketing Services in NJ

When creating your first email marketing campaign, remember to define your audience, designing each message to grab the attention of your ideal customer. You should also set reasonable goals, focusing on your intended results (event attendance, informing customers of special offers or discounts, notifying customers of new products or services, and more).

But most importantly, your email marketing plan should adhere to a specific type of campaign. Are you looking to create a newsletter? Do you want to promote something in particular or make an important announcement? You may also want your campaign to focus on your blog, exposing readers to new content while driving traffic back to your website.

However, it can be difficult to decide which campaign is best for you and your business. This is where Let’s B Media can help.

We’re a full-service advertising agency and have the skills and expertise to help you grow your business. Whether you need assistance with designing ads or social media campaigns, we do it all. Contact us today to get started.

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