Let’s B Media Agency Ranked As Top 30 Digital Marketing Agencies In NJ

With thousands of creative marketing agencies across the country and the world, it’s hard to stand out in this industry. But one company that has is Let’s B Media, and recently they were included on the list for the top 30 digital marketing agencies in New Jersey.

Founder, Lila Schneider, has commented on this recognition, saying, “The success of Let’s B Media is quite simple. We handle every client’s account as we would our own business. Our customer service mixed with the success of our work gives us an extremely high retention rate with our clients.”

If you haven’t heard of Let’s B Media, you’ll undoubtedly hear of them soon. Let’s B Media is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps trade professionals and small business owners expand their companies through thoughtful branding and marketing services. Lila brings together remote strategies, designers, and developers to serve her clients best and ensure she is best responding to her client’s ever-changing needs.

What has set Let’s B Media apart from its competitors is that Lila has had an unwavering vision to do things differently from the stereotypical digital marketing agency since she founded the company in March 2018.  She doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach with her clients across the US. To personalize each client’s strategy, Lila and her team are constantly researching the latest marketing technology and staying current on marketing industry news to bring their clients new and innovative strategies time and time again.

Let’s B Media specializes in creative services, digital marketing services, and website services. For branding, they help businesses develop anything from business naming to logo design, signage, or even the overall brand identity. Lila and her team handle all forms of digital marketing; their website service offerings include website design and development, landing pages, and A/B testing.

Let’s B Media is different from its competitors, giving them a competitive edge in this industry. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Lila pivoted and met her clients where they needed her. She grew her business and offered more virtual and remote services than she had previously. Given her success before the pandemic and her success during recent years, it’s no wonder that Let’s B Media is being recognized as a leader in this space in New Jersey.

Reach out to Lila and the Let’s B Media team to see their stellar quality of work for yourself. Whether your business has a branding, marketing, or website need (or all three!), Let’s B Media can help. Get in touch with Let’s B Media today to start creating your digital strategy.

Let’s B Media is a premier, full-service creative marketing agency specializing in thoughtful and impactful branding, marketing, and website services to help trade professionals and small business owners expand their companies.

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