3 Eye-Opening Reasons Why You Need a Lead Generation Strategy

A lead generation strategy (aka attracting customers to your website) is a must in the digital marketing world. After investing so much time and effort, getting and converting leads into customers must be a business’s ultimate goal.

Marketing offers a wide variety of possibilities that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But remember this, every effort must aim to attract and convert potential customers—and there are several ways for a business to achieve this.   

The most obvious one is the lead strategy.

What makes a good lead generation strategy?

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When it comes to lead generation, you must forget about intrusive methods to get customers, like cold calling or handing out flyers till death.

Concentrate on giving something before asking. It’s a simple exchange—something of value for a person’s contact information like their email or phone number.

It would help if you found a way to gain their trust first, avoid click baits, and speak truthfully.

Your offer must be a vital element to help them solve a particular pain point with your products or services.

Let’s say you own a daycare for single moms who work eight hours a day.

Your lead generation strategy should offer something that single moms can find helpful. For example, you might create an eBook or webinar about time management for single moms, the ultimate guide to managing their job and personal life, or a questionnaire to evaluate if they’re optimizing their time, etc.

What are the different types of lead generation strategies?

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Notice that you aren’t sharing information about how terrific your company is. You’re focusing on helping your target audience. So, these are the different types of lead generation strategies you can use to draw people in:

Lead Capture

It allows your site visitors to opt-in and request more information. However, getting their information without offering something in return will make it more challenging to get high-quality leads. Therefore, offer value first by giving them a lead magnet.

Lead Magnet

This element is a marketer’s best friend; it’s the lightsaber for a Jedi since it incentivizes your audience to opt in and shares their personal information with you. A lead magnet can be more than an eBook; it could be a webinar, whitepaper, free trial, an interview with an expert on the topic, or anything that will add value to your audience.

Landing Pages

These instruments will help you store your lead magnet and lead capture. In addition, they are the road to help your visitor understand your lead magnet’s value proposition and what they need to do to get it.

Lead Scoring

This is how you’ll evaluate the quality of a lead depending on their actions. For example:

  • Visitors’ opt-in │20 points
  • eBook download │ 30 points
  • Information request │ 50 points

A lead scoring process will allow you to identify which leads are interested in buying from you. (Aka, hot leads). You’ll better understand which part of their buying journey they’re in and how you can nurture them further down the funnel.

What are the key benefits of having a lead generation strategy?

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You’ve probably noticed that a lead generation strategy is a fuel that will give your business what it needs to survive: customers.

We’ve selected the three key benefits of developing a well-done lead strategy:

Improve Lead Quality

Forget about figuring out if a lead is ready to buy from you or not. Instead, with a crafted lead strategy, you’ll be able to measure how interested a person is in your offer. Plus, you’ll reach people who are more likely to become customers instead of persuading them to buy with cold calling.  

Generate Business Opportunities

Once you set your strategy, you’ll be able to distribute your value proposition through various digital channels like your site, blog, social media, emails, etc. This will increase your chances of acquiring new business opportunities and sales by reaching a larger audience.

Increase Your Customer’s Reviews

What people say about your business and how they perceive your brand are paramount. Testimonials are what people take into consideration to buy or reject an offer. When you establish a lead generation strategy, you open the conversation further by allowing potential customers and clients to share their experiences with others. Reviews will give visitors a positive image of your business and let them know if you’re a trustworthy and relevant company in your industry.

How does a well-crafted strategy look like?

Lead generation strategy plan

We’ve shared some of the elements you need to create a lead generation strategy. It doesn’t matter if you mix these a bit; what’s important is that you have two factors in mind: your customers and your business goals.

The following are recommendations to help you build your lead gen strategy according to your needs.

Have your research, conclusions, and goals in hand

Ensure you understand your audience’s interests and challenges. Your lead gen strategy should aim to help them and add value before throwing your sales pitch. Additionally, feel confident that the journey you’ve traced is easy for them to follow: opt-in, download eBook, receive email sequence, webinar invite, close deal, or repeat. Finally, test your process before launching and ask your clients if they found any errors navigating through your strategy.

Set achievable goals that will help you and your team feel motivated. It’s better to taste success when your first lead comes in; instead of expecting 100 new leads in 24 hours. 

Selected the critical elements for your strategy

The suitable lead magnet format depends on your target audience. If you found that your niche prefers webinars to eBooks, then produce a top online event that provides value and incentivizes sales.

Next, you need an effective distribution system to reach a broader audience. For example, think about using a landing page, email sequence, or social media campaign to help others learn about your offer.

Your funnel might look like this:

Facebook Ad ➡ Landing Page ➡ Opt-In ➡ Thank You Page ➡ Email Sequence ➡ Webinar ➡ Close or repeat.

Our best recommendation is that you use video format somehow since it’s gaining popularity, and it’s one of the best ways to spread your message across multiple platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.

Use social media and email marketing to continue nurturing your leads

These platforms allow you to keep the conversation going with those potential buyers who have already bought customers.

Keep adding value even if a person isn’t ready.

Email and social media will help your target audience remember your brand and increase the chances of new business opportunities. So, make sure to keep your content strategy active.

There you have it! The importance of having a lead generation strategy in place. If you need assistance or feel that this is too much to handle by yourself, fear not. We are here to help you. Make sure to leave a comment and share this post; it would mean so much to us.

We’ll be writing to you soon.

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