Get Insane Benefits of Picking the RIGHT Social Media Platform for Your Business

Choosing the right social media platform for your business provides an essential communication tool. They allow your audience to express themselves freely—to talk about their passions, desires, and talents.

It’s only natural that businesses from small to large corporations are constantly aiming at these channels to market their products and services.

There are many out-of-this-world benefits for a business that participates in these applications and creates a plan to start conversations and get instant feedback from their ideal buyers.

Top Six Social Media Platforms

Top six social media platforms for your business

Let’s talk about the leading social media platforms first.

According to Statista, these are the six top channels based on their active users:

  1. Facebook 2,910M
  2. YouTube 2,562M
  3. WhatsApp 2,000M
  4. Instagram 1,478M
  5. Weixin/ WeChat 1,263M
  6. TikTok 1,000M

Next, a critical question: Does your business need to be in all of these channels?

No. It’s best to target the ones where your ideal buyers spend most of their time.

Remember the Essence of Social Media Platforms

Is Facebook the right social media platform for your business?

Every social media platform will ask too much of you to acquire the results you want. There’s no magic wand to get an ocean of buyers once you start. So, it’s paramount to stick to the one that works for your target audience and your business. So, remember that people use these platforms to socialize, talk to relatives, share memories, stories, etc.

How can your business adapt without losing its values and personality? That’s a question your marketing team has to answer. Overall, the more human and friendly your business looks inside these platforms, the more likely it is for strangers to notice your profile, become followers, and possible clients in the future.

Let’s talk about the main benefits of choosing the right social media platform for your business.

Why Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business is Important?

Choosing the right social media platform

Once you have identified your target audience and what social channels are vital for them and your business, it’s time to focus on what you can achieve in the short or long term.

Build brand awareness

This means you’ll expand your business reach to a larger audience depending on the value and consistency of your content. Commonly, most people interact with posts that either: entertain, inform, or educate.

If your goal is to gain reach and followers first, build a strategic content plan that will allow you to create your community first.

Get feedback from your followers 24/7

Once you start building an audience on your social media platform, you’ll be able to interact with them anytime. Plus, you’ll learn what content matters to them and what they love about your product or services.

Your social platform may become a powerful CRM that will give you instant insights into your potential audience.

Increase your chances of conversions

After you dedicate a considerable amount of time to building and engaging with your community, it’s time to think about what you can do to invite them further down your marketing funnel.

Use webinars or live events to invite your audience to:

  • Join your email list
  • Visit your website
  • Buy your products or services
  • Access a free trial
  • You name it!

Offer free eBooks or resources to:

  • Get their contact information
  • Nurture them further down the funnel
  • Provide additional value
  • Increase your chances of conversion

The key is to get them to act and lead them closer to becoming customers.

Improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The most popular search engine is Google, of course. However, you’ll rank better on search results by gaining traffic from other trusted sources like your social media account, blog posts, or other companies referencing your content. Furthermore, this will be the ultimate goal since you’ll be gaining traction from various channels and allowing others to discover your business on multiple fronts. Having excellent SEO means strangers will find you faster and become visitors, followers, and clients in a best-case scenario.

Delight: the icing on the cake!

Let’s look at your achievements:

  • You’ve built an engaging community that talks about your brand.
  • Provided value about what you do humanly and helpfully.
  • You’ve invited them to act by offering lead magnets or free webinars.
  • You’ve managed to gain clients from your social media platforms.

Now, focus on providing top customer service and promptly following up on your client’s inquiries.

You are well aware that providing excellent customer service means people will stay longer and often talk about your business, inviting others to join to become part of the experience.

The Right Social Media Platform Follows Your Audience Needs and Marketing Goals

Before opening your social profiles, make sure to have a well-written content marketing plan. So, It would be best if you ask yourself questions like:

  • Is my ideal buyer using this social channel?
  • What are my competitors posting to engage with people?
  • What do I want to achieve with this social media platform?
  • How can I create a content plan that aligns with my business goals?
  • Can I involve all members of my organization?
  • How can I create a funnel that converts an engaging follower to a customer?
  • How can I use this channel to respond to queries immediately?

Track your performance and measure your results with achievable and realistic goals that keep you pushing forward.

Social media organic growth (non-paid pay per click) takes time. So, be patient and consistent. It’s not about the quantity but the quality of content. Once you find what your audience likes about your content, become the DJ of the party and give them what they want. You’ll find out that your engagement will start growing exponentially.

We’re confident you’ll be able to reach and exceed your social media goals. 

Reach out if you have any questions; we’ll be happy to assist you. 

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