Learn What a Digital Marketing Strategy is and How it Can Empower Your Business in 2022

Digital marketing is more than just posting on social media or having a website. They are essential elements for a strategy, but they need an action plan or won’t work by themselves.

The world has gone digital, and it’s time for you to use the internet and its digital tools to your businesses’ advantage.

First, what is digital marketing?

In simple terms, it’s the transition of traditional marketing into digital formats. And if you analyze both disciplines, traditional marketing has always needed best practices to ensure a campaign’s success.

Marketers would typically ask themselves the following questions.

  • What audience do we want to reach?
  • What is the message we want to communicate?
  • What are the proper channels to communicate this message?
  • How much time is the campaign going to run?
  • What’s our budget?
  • And so many more.

Digital marketing experts would include the same questions but change the process depending on the chosen media channels. So, for example, it’s not the same process, preparing an ad campaign using billboards (traditional media) as it would be setting up Facebook ads (digital media).

Let’s look at some of the communication channel’s differences from traditional marketing to digital.  

Traditional MarketingDigital Marketing
Marketing CampaignsSocial Media Ads or Pay Per Click Advertising
Local Business PromotionBusiness’s Website
Magazine Articles or NewspapersBlog Posts, eBooks, Articles
RadioPodcasts or Streaming Services
TelevisionLive Streams or Video Share on Social Media
Direct Sales or Cold CallingEmail Marketing
Direct MailDirect Interaction with Customers

Therefore, it’s best to plan out a strategy that uses digital and tradigital marketing efforts to ensure success. It all depends on the target audience, the budget, message, and campaign duration. It’s an effort that needs to be crafted in detail to ensure efficiency.

So, what is a digital media strategy?

It’s the process of evaluating and selecting the appropriate audience, media channels, and value proposition (why someone needs your product or service vs. a competitor). This effort will define the experience that consumers will have online and offline to guarantee that the message reaches them in a certain amount of time. It will also determine the content, designs, interactions, and calls to action that the campaign needs.

It’s common for marketers to design a conversion funnel. For example, they outline what happens when a stranger becomes a visitor, a visitor into a potential buyer, and finally into a customer.

It all depends on your business objectives.

What are the main characteristics of a digital marketing strategy?

The main focus is to ensure the integration and interaction with traditional and online channels. Therefore, the strategy must:

  • Be aligned with your company’s business goals
  • Have clear, coherent, and relevant goals that marketers can achieve
  • Define a different and attractive value proposition per channel that communicates to the potential buyer
  • Define how it will generate traction to its website
  • How the brand will interact with other digital media like email or mobile devices
  • Support buyers through their journey until they become customers

How can you apply a digital marketing strategy to your business?

Businesses use a digital marketing strategy to interact with their ideal customer at each step of the buying cycle. However, it’s vital to notice that not all visitors will be ready to buy from you when they see your communication message. By answering the question, “How can you nurture a potential customer until they’re ready to buy?”, you’ll be designing a results-driven plan.

By creating a digital marketing strategy, you’ll be able to address this. Let’s take a look at some marketing jargon:

Advertising media: Your company may use billboards and ads on different sites to promote or create awareness about your products or services.

Direct response: you may use Google ads to target potential customers searching for similar products and services and send them to your website.

Lead generating: your business may produce an eBook or free content in exchange for their contact information. That way, you’ll understand that they are interested in your offer, and you may follow up with a retargeting or email campaign.

Distribution channel: if your business produces digital products like online courses, webinars, etc., you may use digital media to map a distribution route.

Customer service: social media may become the CRM of the future if it hasn’t already since it allows you to interact with your audience 24/7. Plus, the introduction of chatbots makes it easier to answer FAQs and helps you keep your customers happy.

Improve relationship with your customers: by setting up a weekly newsletter, you allow your audience to stay up-to-date with your offers, news, and events you may have. It’s also a great way to develop brand loyalty and retention.

Last but not least, what are the benefits of empowering your business with a digital marketing strategy?

You must know that marketing is the process to help businesses identify, anticipate, and satisfy clients’ needs.

This definition helps clarify the purpose of marketers and setting a result-driven mindset. Furthermore, your business will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify potential customers’ needs with the help of the internet
  • Anticipate by evaluating customers’ demands online and setting up the resources to meet goals
  • Measure client satisfaction by ensuring that your business’s website is easy to use, navigate, and optimized to provide excellent customer service
  • Increase the chances of improving direct sales
  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Increase your products or services promotion
  • Obtain new clients and client retention

So, there you have it, you now know how your business can benefit from a digital marketing strategy and how it can accelerate your results. It’s the opportunity to improve your online and offline presence and stay current with your customers.

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